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Coming Home To Your Body was co-founded by Cassie Thomas (certified yoga instructor and owner of Paraka Yoga) and Jessica Maguire (Physiotherapist, Mindfulness teacher, Clinical Pilates instructor and owner of Flex Physio and Pilates) in January 2016. Cassie and Jessica have hosted numerous transformative retreats throughout Australia and internationally.

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A little more about our story...


Since 2006 Cassie Thomas has been dedicated to a daily practice of yoga, thriving on the physicality of Asana, the wonder of Pranayama, the basic goodness of Yamas and Niyamas and growth that can occur through meditation.

It is her belief that yoga has the potential to bring into the lives of those who practice it a greater balance, and awareness to the world at large. Cassie believes that the practice of yoga has the ability to bring greater clarity into daily life resulting in one simply being the best that they can be.

Paraka yoga is based around the teachings of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. The word Paraka is derived from the Tasmania Aboriginal word meaning to Blossom. It has meaning in Sanskrit, inhalation, inspiration. 


Jessica Maguire is a Mindfulness teacher and Physiotherapist who works in Byron Bay. 

She teaches the fundamental tools of mindfulness using inquiry, insight meditation, open awareness and heart meditations. These ancient teachings help those who practice to develop a stability of core well-being and a greater sense of present awareness.

Jessica also teaches on self-compassion, self-forgiveness and working with painful emotions. These teachings help us to discover wisdom, peace and to open our heart. She blends these practices with mindful movement and Pilates.

Jessica has been studying under Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach in California. They are two renowned meditation teachers, psychologists and authors, influential in bringing eastern meditation practices to the west. She has also studied with Dr Kristen Neff, Ron Siegel and Rick Hanson.

Jessica is passionate about helping people cultivate daily mindfulness and meditation practices to ease their suffering and bring a sense of well-being to their lives.