How A Retreat Will Make 2017 Your Most Successful Year Yet

How A Retreat Will Make 2017 Your Most Successful Year Yet

Last year was a big year of travel for me. I spent 10 weeks exploring and studying in Europe. I saw in the New Year in Germany after visiting Austria. I write today's post from Munich. 


I felt that travelling to Europe was necessary for my growth and it was a heart aspiration for many years that I kept postponing. 


I postponed it with two main excuses until those excuses no longer had the same glass ceiling effect. The first excuse was I couldn't afford to go. I'd thought cynically before taking the time to make a realistic budget of what the costs would be. Travelling to some parts of Asia and South America would cost me a lot less per week than my typical cost of living in Australia so this excuse wasn't really valid. After reading some interesting articles on sabbatical or long term travelling, families successfully achieve this on an average wage. It's easy to be cynical and think 'I can't afford it'. We can become more open minded by asking ourselves the right questions when it comes to affordability.


I journaled a lot about 'what would you do and where would you go if time and money was no object?' The following questions can also help:

1. What is my relationship to money and travel? Do I see travel as a luxury or an investment in myself.

2. How much would that dream Retreat/holiday/trip cost? 

3. How can I afford it?

Secondly my reason for not going revolved around time: my belief that I couldn't take a large period of time away from my physiotherapy practice. I have since spent a lot of time reflecting on how travel has helped me become more successful. It has greatly enhanced my ability to think creatively, to problem solve, to adapt when things don't go to plan and to appreciate there are many different ways to serve the world. I feel that travel has helped me become more effective therefore the time away from my business was absolutely worth it. 


I created a 10 week trip before I knew exactly how I would cover myself in my business and before I knew how much it would cost me entirely financially. Some may find this reckless. But it worked out. There were challenges of course but it made me prioritise one of my life's heart aspirations, and to prioritise what your heart most desires is to honour yourself. It's easy to say yes to the mediocre opportunities and then there's no room for what we REALLY long for. 


I actually formed my heart aspriration list on my 10 week trip after meeting a few special people. They challenged me to get clear on what I want. This list of values that arise from my heart help me be clear on almost all decisions. They are different from goals in that they're not about achieving something, but they are about aligning my life to reflect everything that matters most to me, and one of the main values of my life right now is travel. 


Reflecting on 2016 to better plan 2017 I looked at celebrating the successes. What I saw was there are key people and key places that triggered the kind of growth that lead to these successes. It's conversations around a dinner table, it's sharing ideas, it's reading how a city forms its culture, it's seeing how others live, it's working out how to navigate your way through a country solo, it's taking a trip solo that is way outside a comfort zone.


Travel changes the way we see the world and the decisions we make. therefore it shifts our ability to create. 


Taking time out for a retreat is a huge payoff and a practice of some of the most successful people in the world regularly schedule. Cassie and I will be hosting seven day retreats in Bali to help others grow and increase their fulfilment, happiness and success in 2017. Our retreats utilise mindfulness, movement, meditation and neuroscience to create a life that's based on heartaspirations. We've carefully selected experiences such as swimming in waterfalls to foster expansion. Weve included time for 'letting go' of the daily routines that can zap creativity with Balinese massage and eastern philosophies that allow deep rest. We've chosen a location to optimise clarity and creativity using the elements of nature like the Indian Ocean. 


And that's what we do with our lives. We are creating whether we like it or not. Our creation can come from listening to what most matters in our heart and arranging our outer world as a reflection of this. Or it can come from cynicism (I can't afford it etc).


In 2017 I invite you to consider using travel as an opportunity to tap into your own creativity, wisdom and insights. The introspection offers enormous benefits both professionally and personally. 

For me travel has taught me one of life's fundamental lessons: how to prioritise where to invest money and time. 

Want to join one of our retreats in 2017? Email with the subject line 'Retreats' and you'll be one of the first to receive our 2017 Retreat Schedule later this month.

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