Finding Stillness In the Smallest Of Things

Finding Stillness In the Smallest Of Things


We are always so busy it has become normal, and unfortunately, it is perfectly accepted by our society.

It seems that we are always trying to fill in every moment of our days doing ‘stuff’. I am no exception to this I live a busy life working way too much, juggling three different demanding jobs. 

I still try find time to just be, to slow down, to stop even if it is only for five minute it powers me up to move through my ‘busy’ life.

My best time of day to find a moment of stillness is in the morning. I wake early (I am a morning person!!), the whole day stretching out before me to fill with my busy-ness but right then there's nothing to do but be. 

I make a cup of tea, I sit and stop and savour and enjoy. The steam rising from my cup in swirls, the warmth of my favourite mug in my hand the smell, the flavour, the warmth as it hits my lips and moves down my throat. Maybe I can drink my whole tea in stillness, aware of each moment, or maybe it’s only a sip but these moments are important and the more time we spend in stillness, the easier it become.

One of my favourite practices to find stillness can be done anywhere, anytime. It is finding the tiniest of moments in our everyday lives to stop, to observe stillness, quietness, move to a place of peace.

There is a minute moment of pause within each breath we take. A moment of stillness that exists between each breath in and each breath out. Since we take up to 30,000 breathes per day that is 30,000 moments of stillness we have access to!

Start by sitting comfortable, softly close the eyes and consciously relax and soften the body. Take awareness to the tip of the nose and feel the flow of the breath as it moves through the nostrils.

Spend some time with the breath observing it as it flows in and out. Then start to observe the space between the breaths, the moment of stillness, quiet, peace that exists after each breath in before each breath out, and again after each breath out before each breath in.

Riding each breath in and out observe the space between breaths. Then start to extend the pause, stay there for a moment feel the heart beat before the natural flow of the breath continues.

Continue to observe each pause dropping into the quiet space between each breath for a few minutes, then allow the practice to go, the breath to flow naturally and when you are ready open your eyes and continue with your day.

- Cassie Thomas

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