My Grandmother Meditation

My Grandmother Meditation

Are you experiencing a difficult time at the moment?
I’d like to share a little compassion practice with you. It helps if you are struggling with something, big or small. 

I call this my grandmother meditation.

I’ve been blessed with so much love from two grandmothers that even when I’m not with them I can still feel their love. 

One of them passed away many years ago and I still feel her care. Pictured here is my fathers mother, who is fighting fit. 

So, if you take a moment to bring to mind a difficulty in your life right now. Take 3-5 breaths as you think about this situation. 

See if you can be aware of the feelings it creates to be in your body. Where do you feel these sensations the most? It might be the throat, chest or belly. Stay here for another 3-5 breaths.

Just allow these sensations to be here for a moment without trying to push them away. 

Then see if you could find the area inside of you that feels the most vulnerable. You might gently place your hand on the area. How do the feelings change with your hand there? Pause here for a moment. 

Next, bring to mind a person you love unconditionally and you know who loves you. It may be a family member, a friend, a teacher... they may be living or no longer with us. 

Imagine them in close to you, smiling. Take in the features of their face. What is it you love about them? Feel your love for them and their love for you. 

Imagine now their love coming into that vulnerable place inside you. You might feel it going from your hand to the place that is having a difficult time. 

Allow the felt sense of their love to fill you and rest in that feeling. Pause here for at least 10 breaths, resting in their care for you. 

Compassion is when love meets our pain. You can use this meditation over and over throughout the day. Even placing your hand on your heart will remind you of that love when times are tough. Enjoy xx

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