New Workshop: Mindfulness for Managing Fear and Anxiety

New Workshop: Mindfulness for Managing Fear and Anxiety


Mindfulness For Managing Fear and Anxiety

Join Mindfulness Teacher, Physio and Acupuncturist Jessica Maguire

for an insightful Mindfulness Workshop on May 29th from 7 to 9pm

You will learn:

  • How Mindfulness can help free us when we’re caught in fear and anxiety

  • How neuroplasticity means we can learn to reduce our symptoms for the long term as we can change the brain: neurons that fire together, wire together

  • Guided Meditations that will have an immediate effect on how you relate to fear and anxiety, that you can continue to integrate into your everyday life afterwards

  • Inquiry techniques to discover insights into what might be driving the fear and anxiety deep down. By uncovering these subconscious thoughts and beliefs you will have greater self-awareness and better coping mechanisms in stressful situations or when you get triggered

  • Journalling exercises and take home book/PDF for ongoing study and exploration

  • Q and A time to ask questions live (including if you’re registering through Zoom)

  • Recording of the workshop for future practice: use these guided exercises for weeks after the workshop to get continued results.

    Please bring with you a pen and paper and if you are joining online ensure that you can listen in a space suitable for meditation. 

    Investment: $39 AUD

If you would like to attend in person, the workshop is held at 1/22 Fawcett Street in Brunswick Heads. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here or phone 66851464.

If you wish to register for the Zoom Webinar you can click the button below. This will be fully interactive - you will have the opportunity to ask questions in Q and A time.

About Jessica

Jessica Maguire is a Physiotherapist who integrates manual therapy, Japanese acupuncture and Mindfulness to treat her patients. She works at Integrative Acupuncture and Physiotherapy in Brunswick Heads, New South Wales and has over ten years experience as a health practitioner. She is also the co-founder of Coming Home to Your Body Retreats.

She teaches the fundamental tools of mindfulness using inquiry, insight meditation, open awareness and heart meditations. These ancient teachings help those who practice to develop a stability of core well-being and a greater sense of present awareness. 

Jessica has been spent the last two years completing the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Certification Program led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. They are two renowned meditation teachers, psychologists and authors, influential in bringing eastern meditation practices to the west. She also studied self-compassion with Dr Kristen Neff in Colorado and embodiment for emotional regulation with Bo Forbes in London. 

Jessica is passionate about helping people cultivate daily mindfulness and meditation practices to ease their suffering and bring a sense of well-being to their lives.


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