Overcome Anxiety By Supporting Your Brain

Overcome Anxiety By Supporting Your Brain

Stress. Overwhelm. Anxiety.

In our modern world it seems that these are common states for many of us to find ourselves in. 

Do you feel that you're struggling to keep up with your to-do list, feel like you're falling short and often worrying about something going wrong?

In my insightful chat with brain care specialist Allison Davies, we uncover how we treat our brain can determine our levels of fear and anxiety. 

I have been fortunate to present with Allison at our previous Coming Home To Your Body Retreats and have always found learning from her incredibly insightful, moving and fun. 

Allison is the creator of the program, Brains = Behaviours. She uses her combined skills as a neurological music therapist, speaker and educator to help parents, family members, carers and teachers to find clarity about children's brains, especially their emotional and sensory needs. By understanding the brain we can see why other behaviours arise

In this episode Allison provides insights that may help you make positive changes for your family. 

In addition to chatting about children's brains we also talk extensively about what our modern world is doing to our brains no matter what our age, and why anxiety is on the increase. We dive into why so many of us feel overwhelmed. 

Allison provides strategies, tools and practices that can help to overcome this by enhancing the way our brain works and our environment to help us feel calmer and function optimally.

Allison also shares candidly her own diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the way her life has changed from this discover. 

She is an inspiring, passionate and extremely knowledgable lady when it comes to neuroscience and I am grateful we got to have this enlightening conversation. 

All Allisons details can be found here: http://allisondavies.com.au


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